How much is it to hire a private jet?

The first thing most people want to know about private flying is: ‘how much does it cost to charter a plane?’


Because they carry fewer passengers, and fly on demand, the price of private flights is usually higher than commercial ones but can be less expensive than a group flying in business class. And when you fly with Blackstar Aviation, you get to decide everything from the plane model to the catering menu — so the final quote will be different each time, and tailored to your needs. If a plane can go there, we can get you there, so call us today on 07 5636 1120 for more information. Remember, flying with us means flying when you like, from where you like at the best possible price.

Here are a few examples of private charter prices:


Departing Melbourne

  • To Sydney $995 
  • To Adelaide $895
  • To Brisbane $1295


Departing Perth
  • To Adelaide $995
  • To Brisbane $1400


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