Safety and Security

Blackstar Aviation private jet charter is backed by an impeccable safety record to assure clients of safe and comfortable flights when they charter aircraft with us. Established by commercial pilots with Civil Aviation Authority compliance, the Blackstar Aviation team knows firsthand that safety goes hand-in-hand with brokering private aircraft charters.
Our chartered private aircraft are as safe, if not safer than commercial airlines. To that end, Blackstar Aviation has secured systems and developed relationships that allow us to provide information and services to our clients that assure them that, when using our air charter services, they are flying safe and secure. To achieve the pricing and flexibility you want, without compromising on safety and comfort, Blackstar Aviation has partnered with many stakeholders that assure you of a secure flight.
As qualified Australian commercial pilots, Blackstar Aviation’s founding partners have an intimate knowledge of not only Domestic Safety protocol set out by CASA, our team has also achieved internationally recognised standards overseen by ICAO in Montreal.
Private Charters can expect similar security controls to a commercial airliner. However, these are streamlined due to the size of small regional airports. While the security and customs processes cannot be compromised, clients can expect a far more exclusive and stress-free experience for security clearances. Most regional airports will allow your car to be driven to the aircraft, whereby your baggage will be inspected along with your passport by the Flight Captain. On international flights, expect to be greeted by a customs official on arrival at your aircraft. Therefore, the carriage of prohibited goods must still be adhered to.
Smoking is not permitted while on board nor while boarding the aircraft. Your Crew will Indicate where you can smoke.
Finally, the carriage of pets domestically may be permitted by some operators, however, please ensure your broker is fully aware of your desire to fly with animals at the time of the booking.
Please note you must at all times follow the instructions of the crew and the responsibility for the safety of the flight lies with the Captain, who will not commence the flight if they deem it to be unsafe or non-compliant. The Captain’s decision is final and non-negotiable.

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