Medical Evacuation

The experienced healthcare team at Blackstar Aviation medical evacuation private aircraft charter services helps reduce the stress of illness and injury for patients and their families. We provide 24-hour specialist low to medium acuity Aeromedical service for your comfort and safety. Our aeromedical patient transport service operates throughout Australia and South Asia Pacific ensuring a rapid response to emergency situations.


Our experienced medical team reviews all documentation in order to deliver transfers that have been prepared to the highest standard and are compliant with the necessary medical requirements of each patient.

Blackstar Aviation Aeromedical patient transport broker service provides peace of mind at a reasonable price. Blackstar Aviation will coordinate Aeromedical transfers on behalf of patients, clients and insurance/assistance companies.


Blackstar Aviation will manage the entire process, including where necessary ground service. We have access to more than 300 “flying ambulances and transport aircraft” in our network. You can rest assured patients are looked after safely and in comfort.


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