Long Haul Charter

If you’re accruing frequent-flyer miles at the cost of your own or your esteemed staff-members’ comfort, Blackstar Aviation can help return the relaxation to your flight time by offering a varied range of private jet charter services. Long-haul flights are trying for even the most experienced traveller due to the often cramped legroom, upright seats, reconditioned air and dehydrating environment 35,000 feet up. The team at Blackstar Aviation has access to more than 1000 long haul aircraft capable of servicing any international route.
With a wide range of luxury jets at our disposal, we can cater to your particular requirements. Maybe you require a G6 for a weekend watching the Singapore Grand Prix, perhaps your board of directors is flying to a Hong Kong conference on a Boeing Business Jet, or maybe you’re planning a sunset sojourn to Hamilton Island to propose to your beloved. Regardless of the occasion, the Blackstar Aviation team can source, charter and manage the itinerary of your private aircraft charter from departure to arrival.


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