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The Blackstar Aviation’s expert customer care team has firsthand experience dealing with the unique logistics of high-profile clients. We work hard to ensure your VIPs are comfortable and every need is attended to, including the freight of expensive audio and film equipment, as well as the required security clearances for all parties upon landing. The team at Blackstar has access to a large and varied fleet of private charter aircraft to ensure your particular model meets the needs of all passengers. We offer world-class luxury features for global leaders and high-class celebrities, along with the comfort and convenience afforded to executive travellers who enjoy a higher level of service. At Blackstar Aviation, all staff have undergone rigorous security testing to ensure compliance. Discretion is paramount when dealing with all of our clients, especially those with a public profile. Blackstar Aviation’s directors are trained commercial pilots, who hold the highest civil security clearance in Australia, so whether you are flying famous actors and their agents, production company personnel, diplomats, politicians, or top-ranking industry leaders, your clients are in the best hands with Blackstar Aviation. If you require any additional ground services, such as certified experienced security personnel or VIP airport access, please let us know at the time of your booking.


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