Executive Aircraft Charter

Fly smarter, while saving your most valuable asset – time – by chartering a private luxury jet with Blackstar Aviation. By booking a private airplane, you avoid the seemingly never-ending hours in airport lounges, enduring long queues through security screening and customs, along with the disappointment of missed space in your overhead locker. Stay connected to your workforce by helping us compile a national or international itinerary that takes days rather than weeks to complete, simply by chartering one of our private jets. Spend less hours away from your family and maximise your valuable time by chartering an executive jet or piston engine aircraft, whether you require a small piper chieftain or an international Challenger 605 for your needs.


Executive jets typically have a range of between 400 to 5000 miles and can service many regional or remote airports, whereby scheduled flights may take 48 hours or more from your departure location to arrive at your intended destination. Scheduled commercial flights cannot compete with Blackstar Aviation’s more than 1500 aircraft, located around Australia that are ready to service your exclusive corporate needs. Luxury in-flights services and a higher level of comfort can be yours from less than you expect with our budget-friendly private airplane charter. Call us today to discuss your next schedule.


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