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Private jet charter expert Blackstar Aviation provides a professional personalised experience for discerning clients looking exceptional services in the sky. Established by Commercial Pilots, Blackstar Aviation delivers unbiased industry jargon-free aircraft charter services with an edge. As pilots ourselves, we saw an opportunity to fill a gap in the market for a niche charter flight service offering an unparalleled client experience that incorporates our professional aviation perspective. Our qualified team has hands-on experience navigating the confusing world of aviation and can therefore present solutions that other brokers and operators may not have considered. If you’re looking to charter a plane, you will enjoy an exclusive service, whereby all your needs are considered from the pre-flight stage to the arrival at your destination.


Save With ‘Empty Leg’ Alerts


If you’re looking for luxury aircraft charter at a budget price, have you considered booking the ‘empty leg’ option? Every time Blackstar Aviation books a private jet for a one-way flight, an empty leg becomes available for the return journey as the aircraft must fly empty to return to its base destination before picking up the next group of passengers. Empty leg bookings offer heavily discounted rates, and you can take advantage of these savings by registering to receive Empty Leg Alerts in your inbox or via SMS. By booking wisely, you could save up to 75% on the cost of a conventional private jet charter. Register today for Blackstar Aviation Empty Jet Notifications and fly private for the price of a Business Class seat.


Our Business


Aircraft Charter – Fixed Wing

80% of our business is comprised of fixed-wing charter, with an average five flights daily.


Aircraft Charter – Rotor

We offer more than 400 helicopters globally, ranging in size and style, for private charter.


Empty Legs Available

At any one time we may have up to 20 aircraft returning to base empty, saving you approximately 80% on charter costs.

Why use a broker?

Rather than trying to navigate the confusing world of private aircraft charter, our experienced team can liaise on your behalf to secure the best service for you. We have an established network of trusted contacts, so when we communicate with multiple operators that fit your requirements our strong relationships allow us to tailor the best value package for your needs.


Blackstar Aviation has access to thousands of aircraft globally. We save you time by doing all the groundwork, quote gathering, negotiating and flight management to ensure you get to your destination on time, in your selected aircraft, while meeting your designated budget.
With a diverse client base, from celebrities and mining company executives to corporate and social group charters, we have a suitable aircraft for any itinerary, either domestically or internationally. Rest assured with Blackstar Aviation we guarantee satisfaction for all our valued clients.


Please note Blackstar Aviation Group does not own any aircraft and operates solely as a broker to ensure you receive not only the most viable but the most cost-effective option for private jet charter.


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